Or Is It The Other Way Around?

It’s award time at 33 Grams of Blog again. This time, I’ve got two to accept, but I’m only going to do one at a time (in order to get more posts out of them). I’ll be doing them in the order I got them, so up first is yet another award from my brother.


While I’m glad that I’m finally getting recognized for being my epically awesome self (hey, my brother would know. He’s known me my whole life), I’m wondering if maybe I should get the Awesomely Epic award instead. I could claim to be both, but I’m humble enough to stay with either one or the other (I’m epically awesome like that).

Being epically awesome is great (it is epically awesome, after all), but is it just as good, or better, than being awesomely epic? Hmmmm. I shall continue to ponder this, but I suppose I should get to the homework that always accompanies these awards.

  • Tell 10 epic and/or awesome facts about yourself.  That’s it.

1. I once met The Offspring and got their autograph.

2. The picture that they signed now hangs up in my house.

3. I drink a lot of Sunkist.

4. Right now my daughter is trying to put my toes in her mouth.

5. There are about 10 stories bouncing around in my head right now. The 3 books that I’m reading plus the ones that I’m writing.

6. If all I did was write all day, it would still probably take me a couple of months to get all of my current stories completed.

7. I’ve played Left 4 Dead for probably over 100 hours and I will never get tired of it.

8. I don’t get to blog nearly enough as I’d like.

9. I don’t get to read other people’s blogs nearly as much as I’d like.

10. I’ve decided that I’m going with both. I’m awesomely epic and epically awesome.

  • Pass it on to 10 bloggers you think are awesome and/or epic–or both.





The Hook




El Guapo


And there you have it folks, 10 people (besides me) who are epically awesome. Give them all some love. They deserve it.

18 comments on “Or Is It The Other Way Around?

  1. El Guapo says:

    That’s a great list of company you put me in!
    Thank so much, and now off to check out the ones I haven’t read yet.

  2. Wow!! Thank you so so much!! I am so honored and humbled to accept this!! I must say, of the awards I’ve gotten so far, this one is my most proud!! “Epic Awesome” .. how great is that?!? Thank you so much!!

    Also, I am happy to be following you!! I’m glad to connect!! Big thanks from me, Jen, and Tryst!! 🙂 You rock!! XO

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    Thank you so very much. I’m shocked and awed (sorry couldn’t resist) to be recognized by someone who has such epically awesome talent as a writer. Thanks again.

    Sorry, on a side note, how is Dragons of a Vanished Moon? I just donated my Death Gate Cycle series and was feeling nostalgic about Weis and Hickman. I was a bit spooked to see them on your page as current book!

    • Well, my dear Jaded, you are very deserving of this award.

      It is very good. It is the final book in The War of the Souls trilogy, which I would recommend to read, but it’s easier to understand if you’ve read all of their other Dragonlance books first.

  4. You think I’m epic awesome? Very cool, thanks! I’ve read you on Stuphblog, but I’ll have to check this one out too. 😀

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  6. djmatticus says:

    Hooray for awards! 🙂 Thanks for the nomination! I enjoy your epic awesomeness and your awesome epicness equally, so I think you should be fine excepting the award both ways.

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  8. […] Thank you Revis, I am honored & humbled!! To those unaware of Revis’s excellence, follow the link provided to check him out @ 33 Grams of Blog!! What do I need to do for this […]

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