Dead Set Part 9


Samantha opened her eyes. She couldn’t remember where she was. Looking around, she realized that she was still in her living room, lying on her couch. That’s when she saw her father holding Bethany. Getting up, she almost stepped on DS. His face carried a look of pain. Samantha wanted to get her daughter away from Christian before she confronted him. “Bethany,” she said as she walked over to them. “It’s time for bed.”

“But I wanna stay up with you and Grampa,” she begged.

“Now,” her mother commanded.

Bethany reluctantly went back to her bedroom to lie down. Samantha waited until she saw that Bethany was asleep before asking, “What are you doing here? And was it really necessary to knock him out?”

“Why do you think I’m here, and yes it was. When did you plan on telling me?”

“Tell you what? That DS is Bethany’s father?”

“Don’t play dumb with me girl. You know that’s what I meant.”

“Since when is that any of your business?

“Since you were born, anything and everything that happens to you is my business.”

“Now you’re father of the year? Bullshit! Ever since Mom died, you haven’t cared about what’s happened to me. So why should I tell you who Bethany’s father is? You didn’t care. You only care now, because it’s him.”

Christian looked at his daughter. He saw the pain and sadness on her face. As much as he wanted to be angry with her, he knew she was right. She’s a smart girl, he thought, sometimes smarter than me. “Are you and him serious,” he asked.

“It’s hard to be serious about someone when you know how it ends, Father.”

The resemblance between their lives made itself known to him. She couldn’t get close because she knew how it would turn out, while he couldn’t because he knew he would outlive them. He started to feel sorry for her, but then shook it away when he realized that he had gone through much more than she had. “So, what happens now,” he asked as he walked down the hall.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know or you don’t want to tell me?”

“I try not to see the future if I don’t have to.”

Christian was about to open the door to look upon his sleeping granddaughter when he heard someone yelling from down the hall. “Get away from them,” DS demanded.

“Look, DS,” Christian said, rolling his eyes. “I don’t fault you for looking out for your family, but don’t ever think you’re man enough to tell me what to do.”

“I said get away from them.”

“Or else what? You’ve already proven you’re no match for me, kid.”

DS didn’t respond with words. Instead, he charged down the hall. Christian waited until the last second to dodge, tripping the assassin in the process. DS fell face first into the wall, leaving a big hole. Samantha cried for them to stop, but neither was listening. Getting up, he lunged at Christian, sending him through the door to Bethany’s room. The two men got up and watched each other for a second. The assassin was enraged.

Nobody had ever made a fool of him, but this man had done it multiple times in the past 48 hours. That didn’t sit well with him. He attacked again, but Christian stood defensively, easily deflecting it. Christian let the attacks happen, but was always there to block them. There were many openings for a counter-attack, but he never took them. Christian thought that if he let the man vent his anger, he would eventually calm down. Plus he didn’t want to chance hurting his granddaughter. DS, however, had no intention of slowing down. DS finally got a kick through his opponent’s defense and sent the man stumbling into a wall.

The sound of the fight woke Bethany up. When she saw what was happening, she started screaming. Samantha tried to get to her daughter, but received an accidental elbow to her forehead for her trouble. As she fell to the floor, DS slammed Christian against the wall again. Christian didn’t want to fight this man here. There was too big of a chance that one of his family could get hurt. DS, it seemed, didn’t care. He lunged at Christian again, sending them both through the wall.

The entire wall crumbled and fell, burying Bethany underneath it. Christian recovered first and decided to end the fight. He hit DS a number of times, making sure he was out of it for a few minutes. When he looked into the other room, he saw the situation that Bethany was in. He also saw a man, that he knew all too well, standing in the doorway. This new man started walking towards Bethany. Christian bolted through the wall. “I won’t let you take her,” he screamed as he tackled the man.

As soon as they hit the floor, they both disappeared. That left Samantha sitting on the ground, wondering what the hell was going on.


2 comments on “Dead Set Part 9

  1. fortyoneteen says:

    Hey Revis, had a thought and me hopes it’s a good one. I follow Misha Burnett’s blog, he is an awesome writer and he has a project he wants to put together with submissions from ten writers. There is a basic story line about the end of world that never happens. Thought it may be up your alley, excuse the cliche. or

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