On Deck….

Unfortunately, I’m falling a little behind on my writing right now. This is because I do the majority of my writing at work (The sucky part is having to come home and type it). Things have been crazy at work lately. My boss’s dad (who also just happens to own the company) made his annual visit this week, which means that everything had to be 100% perfect out in the warehouse. If the edge of the boxes didn’t match up perfectly with the edge of the pallet that they were sitting on, we got yelled at for it. If the skids on the floor didn’t line up perfectly with the lines that they had painted on the floor (which aren’t straight, by the way), we got yelled at for it.

Basically, this last week of work has sucked more than usual and I haven’t had time to write.

I still have time to think of things, so I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of things to come. Fall of Troy actually has 7 more parts written so far, I just haven’t typed them yet. A Race To Danger , which can be read on the always Unshitty Stuph Blog, is waiting on me to finish the next part, which is only halfway done.

As far as everyone’s favorite superhero, Captain Procrastination, I’ve got a couple of things planned. The first is the introduction of a new villain in the next episode. He’s not The Joker, but hopefully he’ll be good for a few laughs anyways.

The second is a geekdom shoutout to all my fellow nerds. In the story following the introduction, I will be having a nerd scavenger hunt. I will be placing 10 sci-fi/fantasy/zombie references in the story and seeing if anyone can get all of them. These will be character names, events, or quotes from movies/TV shows/video games from those genres. I was only going to throw one in a post for Rarasaur, but as I don’t know what movies she’s seen and which ones she hasn’t, I decided to turn it into a game for everyone. With 10 of them, she, and everyone else, are bound to know at least one of them.

The only thing that sucks about it is that it will take considerably more thinking than I usually put into Captain Procrastination stories…..none. I usually just have a vague outline for a story and then write the first thing that comes to my head. Take the last story for example: I was going to write the story from the vantage point of a normal, on-the-street spectator. As I got halfway done with it, I realized it didn’t feel right having it that way. It should sound like it has a ‘narrator’, and since I’m lazy and didn’t feel like going back and changing it, I just did the “narrator on vacation” bit.

Hopefully, I’ll have them up soon and hopefully you’ll enjoy them.


2 comments on “On Deck….

  1. rarasaur says:

    All of them, I’ve seen ALL the movies ever. Challenge accepted, Captain! 😉

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