SWFF: A Race To Danger Part 3


“For the past year,” Nalith began, “your friend Katellan has been smuggling spice on your ship for my employer.”

“You did WHAT,” I asked, turning my attention to my soon-to-be new kicking toy.

“He said he was smuggling spice on this ship,” Envy answered. “You fleshpiles need better audio receptors.”

I rolled my eyes. “Remind me later to teach you what a rhetorical question is, Envy.”

“I know already. It’s just more fun to pretend I don’t.” I held up the control to his restraining bolt and that caught his attention. “Uh, sorry, master,” he stammered. “You’re great, master. You’re the best fleshpile in the galaxy, master.”

While I enjoy being paid mindless compliments, now was not the time or place. I hit the button, shutting Envy down. (Actually, is there ever a bad time to get complimented? And why am I not complimented more often? You heard Envy. I’m the greatest fleshpile…I mean person, in the galaxy. Everything said to me should be a compliment. They should be out there making monuments depicting my greatness…..Uh oh. Nalith is looking at me weird. Did I say any of that out loud? I’ll just shift my gaze over to Katellan and see if he’s looking at me like I’m crazy. Nope. I guess he thinks I’m taking too long to speak. Try to appear as if deep in thought. Say something profound.)

“Stupid droid.” (Nice recovery, Torr.)

“Anyways,” he said, still appearing to be a little uneasy. “Katellan was doing a good job until the shipment right before the race. He had been hiding the packages in false engine compartments inside the swoops. Unfortunately for him, he forgot which swoop was supposed to go to which customer, and my employer’s contact got an empty bike.”

I had noticed a change in Katellan around that time. He normally avoided any no-piloting work at all costs. Suddenly, he’s volunteering to help me out with my customers. At the time, I thought that maybe my work ethic was rubbing off on him. (You can call me many things, ‘great’ being at the top of the list, but lazy is not one of them.)

“So, Nalith continued, “because he lost a shipment of spice, he owes my employer a large sum of money. Since there is no legal way to get that much money that quickly, he did something that made my employer even angrier…he fixed your race.”

Time to show off my powerful deductive reasoning skills again. “To hire a man of your talents takes a lot of money. Correct?”

“Very true,” he answered.

“And as you said, it’s not very easy to come up with a lot of money legally. Not to mention, someone of your talents very rarely works for someone who does things legally. So would I be correct in assuming that your employer works in black market affairs?”

“You would.”

“Why would someone who is in that kind of business have a problem with him fixing a race? That sounds like the kind of thing your employer would do themselves.”

“It’s not that he fixed the race that bothers them. It’s that he fixed the race and didn’t tell us. We lost a lot of money on that race. Only three people in the entire galaxy bet on you: your father, your pal, Katellan, and some guy on Rodia. Because of the odds against you, however, we had to pay them a lot of money and we don’t like it when we have to pay a lot of money.”

“Wait,” I interrupted. “Obviously, your employer wants something from me, otherwise you would’ve already killed me. So, is this the part where you tell me that if I don’t do what your employer wants that you’ll kill Katellan? If it is, then save your breath. Go ahead and kill him.”

Katellan looked at me like I had just kicked his family pet. Good. That’s what he gets for betraying me. Of course, now you’re probably thinking that I’m a cold-hearted monster, but it’s just part of a plan…that probably won’t work. Maybe if I can convince Nalith that I don’t care about Katellan, it will help us get out of this mess. Yes, I’m angry at him for what he did, but that doesn’t mean I want him to die (although if he got beaten on a little, I wouldn’t mind it).

Nalith smiled, I guess because he knew what I was trying to do. “It’s not that simple, Torr.”

“It never is.”

“I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news. Which one do you want first?”

“Whichever one gets you out of my life quicker, Nalith.”

“If I didn’t know you were joking, I’d have to hurt you for that comment. (I actually wasn’t joking, but, since I didn’t want to get hurt, I decided to keep that nugget to myself.) Well, actually, there’s two pieces of each news. The first piece of bad news is that there are holorecordings of your pal fixing the race.”

I was starting to rethink my ‘no killing Katellan’ policy. Betraying me is one thing. Betraying me while being stupid is another. I’m not a fan of either, but the second one is worse. If Nalith doesn’t have the common courtesy to pound Katellan down, I might have to do it myself.

“The good news to that is that I was able to steal the incriminating recording before anyone else saw it.” He paused there. I guess he wanted me to thank him for grabbing the recording, but the two words I wanted to say to him had nothing to do with gratitude, so I kept my mouth shut. “The second piece of bad news is that if you don’t do what my employer wants, this recording will go public and your career in the swoop racing circle will be over.”

My anger at Katellan had reached an all time high. I shot him a look that I hoped conveyed that message. Of course, I also hoped that it told him that I was going to kick him very hard in the privates repeatedly the next time we were alone in a room together. (Wait. Do Devaronians have privates? Are they where a human’s are? Does getting kicked in the privates do the same thing to them as it does to us? Is it weird that I’m thinking about the private parts of other species?)

I turned my attention back to Nalith, who was saying, “The second piece of good news is that we don’t want you to do anything illegal. We want you to do what you always do. We want you to work on two swoop bikes.”

“What’s the catch?”

“We want you to make our racer’s swoop bike the best swoop bike out there. We want you to make the other person’s swoop bike run slower than it should. Nothing that will make them crash, but enough to guarantee that they won’t win. That’s all.”

“And who is the racer you want to lose?”

“The Rodian, Teebo.”

“Good. I hate that guy.”

This set him back. “What? Everybody loves Teebo. Why don’t you like him?”

“He’s a racer that doesn’t talk about racing. All he talks about is his faith in Rodian religions. It’s so irritating that it makes me want to break things.”

“I see it won’t be a problem for you then.”

“Nope. Who am I supposed to help win?”

“A certain infamous Trandoshan bounty hunter is entering the race.”

“Bossk? I’m going to get to meet Bossk?”


8 comments on “SWFF: A Race To Danger Part 3

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Lol at fleshpile. Great continuation. Did I do that compliment thing right?

  2. The correct term is “ass-kissery”, and you did a fairly good job. Although, I prefer when my ass-kissery contains phrases like “greatest of all time”.

  3. The Hook says:

    This just keeps getting better!

  4. twindaddy says:

    LOL @ Teebo. I hate that guy, too.

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