Product Reviews

Today I’m going to talk about a couple of products that I’ve tried recently. I don’t know how long they’ve been out, but I’m just trying them now. The first one is Peanut Butter Toast Crunch. Obviously, it’s made by the same people who make Cinnamon Toast Cruch, which, to me, is an awesome cereal. I also love peanut butter. It’s one of my favorite foods, so I was really excited about trying this.

I was thoroughly disappointed. It should’ve been called “Toast that vaguely tastes like peanut butter”. Or “Toast that kind of has any taste whatsoever”. It barely had any flavor at all. I was tempted to put a spoonful of peanut butter from my jar on top of them, but decided against it, because I shouldn’t have to.

The second product is Chile Con Queso Pringles. These things are freakin great! Most chips that have salsa (or salsa-like flavoring) are fairly mild. These chips have a pretty good kick to them. I would definately recommend going out and trying them if you like a spicy chip.

(Author’s note: As I was writing this, Baby E and I were having a raspberry war. She would blow a raspberry at me and when I would blow one back at her she would start laughing hysterically. I love it!)

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14 comments on “Product Reviews

  1. lol. I love the raspberry war. It’s one that cannot be won.

    Ew to the peanut butter. I’d end up in needing an EPI shot for that anyways.

  2. El Guapo says:

    I have a box of super sugar crisps in the closet.
    It will probably be the death of me, but what a way to go.

    Raspberry wars are a much better use of effort.

  3. There is a new kind of Dorito’s that is the bomb! They are the Dorito chip, rolled up like tiny sticks of dynomite, in fact that’s what they are called, Dorito’s Dynomite, but spelled in spanish, and I can’t quite remember the correct spelling. They are super hot and the chile’ lime flavor is super good… I have only seen them in the small, personal size bags in the convenience store. I have not looked for them at the grocery store yet.. if ya like Dorito’s, ya should check these out! Wicked good! ~ Jen

  4. 1jaded1 says:

    Yum. Spicy Pringles. Will have to try. The only thing peanut butter I like is Reeses…strange. The raspberry war sounds precious!

  5. djmatticus says:

    mmm, chile con queso, muy fantastico. Spicy is the best!

  6. TammyeHoney says:

    Due to my corn allergy I can not eat either one however, my hubby can and I will warn him about the peanut butter one because he will have the same reaction that you did and I can’t eat the rest of the box when he hates the first bowl. Our neighbor loves us and our fresh bags of food we give them after trial and error. The chile con queso he will love.
    The Raspberries are priceless was hoping to see a picture of it or a video….lol

  7. MissFourEyes says:

    Raspberry war! Bet she won huh?

  8. Pringles usually have good crap.

  9. I love CTC and eat it right out of the box for a snack. The pb sounds gross; thanks for the warning. I love con queso, so will definitely be trying those. … Raspberry wars are best with a baby. So are the giggles. 🙂

  10. vyvacious says:

    Ahh I love Pringles!! And so cute about the raspberry war! 🙂

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