Big Mistake, Indy. Big Mistake

This may be hard for some of you to take, but I, Revis Edgewater, am not perfect. I have made a mistake. I’ll wait a few moments so you can let that monumental news sink in.

Ok. Now that you’ve all had time to adjust to this shocking development, I will explain.

When I originally started writing A Race To Danger, the prologue was a lot longer. It had a little bit of a back story for Torr, plus a few of the other characters that appear in the story as well. I reread the prologue when I was halfway done with the Part 1 of the story and decided that it would be better to have a shorter prologue and just give the characters their backstories as I went along in the story. So, I shortened the prologue and posted it.

Last night, I finished Part 1 of the story and was going to post it, but as I was rereading it, to check for errors, I realized my mistake. I never changed any of Part 1 to reflect the shortening of the prologue. Therefore, when I was talking about certain characters, you would’ve had no idea who they were because I cut them out of the prologue. If I would have posted it, you’d all be confused as hell.

Big mistake, Indy!

Now I have to go back and rewrite all of Part 1 before I can post it. Oy vey.

(waits for the populace to kick him for his brain fart.)

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22 comments on “Big Mistake, Indy. Big Mistake

  1. El Guapo says:

    I say you sell it as avant-garde writing, and blame the readers for not being in tune.

  2. Wouldn’t have had anything to do with the alcohol??

  3. I clicked the jeopardy theme music. That would have been a perfect place for a RickRoll, and was sooo glad it wasn’t. Thank you. Good for you for catching the “big mistake” before a reader had a chance to point it out.

  4. TammyeHoney says:

    Bad sense of humor here sorry could not resist…my gift to you….

  5. Revis Edgewater? Don’t tell me you have a BadAss name like that and you willing chose to use Stuph & Twindaddy. I would have Revis Edgewater t-shirts…why?…because when you have a BadAss name that’s this kinda shit you can do! I’m going to be disappointed if it’s your stage name or something…very disappointment.

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