SWFF- A Race To Danger: Prologue

Hello. My name is Torr Nupp. Before you ask, yes, that is my real name. Now, some of you out there may have heard of me. If you have, it’s for one of two reasons. One, I’m somewhat famous for being one of the greatest swoop bike mechanics in the galaxy. Or two, I’m somewhat infamous as THE worst swoop bike racer in the galaxy. Luckily for me, racing is only a hobby, not my profession. Being a mechanic is where I make my money. If I had to try to get by on money I made as a racer, I would have died of starvation years ago.
“But, Torr,” I can hear you asking through your datapads and Holonet terminals, “why do it if you’re that bad at it?” The answer is quite simple. It’s fun. Would it be more fun if I was good at it? Probably, but I am slowly getting better.
In fact, I just won my first race today. Granted, I only won because everyone else crashed and I was so far behind that I was able to avoid it. Still, I won the race. It should be a time for me to celebrate. Unfortunately, I’m not able to. I got a visit from someone after the race and it turned a good night into a nightmare. Let me tell you the story….


5 comments on “SWFF- A Race To Danger: Prologue

  1. El Guapo says:

    Ok, I’m curious.
    Waiting for the next installment…

  2. Simon says:

    More! More! More!

  3. 1jaded1 says:

    To quote the late Sam Kinison….Say it!!!Say it!!! Street bikes?

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