The Party

The family and I, plus a few friends, got together at Hooters tonight to celebrate twindaddy’s birthday. At one point, all the waitresses came over to sing him a birthday song. He tried to make his way around them, but they wouldn’t let him pass. Then, they tied a couple of pink balloons around his chest to make it appear that he had the restaurant’s namesake. After the waitresses had left, twindaddy dropped the balloons to his crotch and loudly proclaimed that the balloons were his… stuph. There are pictures of this and eventually I might be tempted to use them as blackmail. Oh well, it was a fun night. Hope you had fun too, twindaddy.

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6 comments on “The Party

  1. nikkix2 says:

    I love the Hooter’s where we live,,and it’s not for the titties,,it has a really cool outside patio overlooking the lake AND awesome wings!

  2. beefybooyawn says:

    Yeah, that was a fun time. Thanks for having me out with you guys and happy birthday to twindaddy!

  3. […] was the day for my “surprise” birthday party.  My wife had reserved a huge table at Hooters at Newport on the Levy.  We all had good food and […]

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