Photo Development Rules

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything, but I’ve been kind of busy with the new job and trying to spend time with my wife. While at my new job, I was talking to somebody about my past jobs, which got me to thinking about the topic for this post. I spent 2 years of my time in Hellmart working at the photo lab. During that time, I (unfortunately) saw every type of picture there is, so I’m going to give everyone a few tips on what to do when developing your pictures.

1. This is to parents: I know some of you out there think it’s cute to take pictures of your children in the tub or on the toilet (personally, I think it’s creepy), but don’t have these pictures printed at any photo lab. Photo printers are not that expensive anymore, so if you feel the need to print these pictures, do it at home. Most of the people who work at photo labs don’t want to see your naked children, and if they do, that’s scary.

2. Adult nudes: Once again, photo printers aren’t that expensive. Print these at home. I can’t tell you how often I was scarred for life while working in the photo lab from seeing people naked that I didn’t want to see naked.

3. Don’t take pictures of headstones or people in their casket at funerals. I can’t believe I had to say that, but I had to print at least one of these types of pictures each day I was there. There are people in my life that have passed that I will miss, but I’m not going to take pictures of their headstones. Looking at a picture of it will not replace actually being there. As for the casket pictures, that’s just incredibly morbid and creepy.



One comment on “Photo Development Rules

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