RTotD: Crazy Neighbors

I was standing in front of my mom’s apartment, walking her dog, when a lady in the building across the street opened her front door. She screamed a bunch of words, but the only one I could make out was “cable”. Then, she slammed her door closed. WTF?

On the way home from Mom’s, in the building across from my front door, a door opened. From inside, I could hear a woman screaming at two guys who were walking out, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. One of guys said, “Whatever,” while the other threw an empty plastic bottle at the door. The two guys got into a car and speeded off. WTF?


2 comments on “RTotD: Crazy Neighbors

  1. mothcaterpillar says:

    ahahahaha… wtf?

  2. Lorre says:

    Sounds like a rough neighborhood, cables and empty plastic bottles. Clearly they were all up to no good.

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