RTotD: 4/7/12

I was driving home from work last week when I ran into a construction zone. Traffic had slowed to a crawl because there was only one lane open out of three. When I finally got into the lane, a motorcycle pulled in behind me. This guy had a radio on his bike that was very loud. On my car stereo, when I’m driving on the highway at full speed, with the windows down, I have the volume set on 20. This night, I had to turn it up to 30 to hear my music, with my windows up, because of how loud this motorcycle’s radio was, and I still could tell what song he was listening to.

Last night, another motorcycle was driving down the road past my house and it also had a very loud radio. I just don’t understand it. Why are there speakers on motorcycles in the first place? I can understand having a radio on there, but shouldn’t the riders have headphones instead of speakers? I’d think that having headphones would make it easier for them to hear the music. Also, then I wouldn’t have to listen to their music. Get on it, motorcycle makers!


3 comments on “RTotD: 4/7/12

  1. beefybooyawn says:

    Yeah, doesn’t make much sense, other than I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to drive with headphones on. That’s why in some places you’re not even allowed to use cell phone headphones to talk on your phone. I think it has to do with being able to hear an emergency vehicle coming up from behind you.

  2. twindaddy says:

    With my windows up and radio off I can barely hear an ambulance so I don’t see how having a radio on is gonna make things any worse. Of course, I have two 12″ subs in the back of my car so I don’t hear anything else anyway. That’s why emergency vehicles have lights.

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