Horrible Drive-Thru Experience

My wife and I were out last night and we were both hungry. It was already late, so we decided to stop somewhere instead of cooking when we got home. My wife says, “We haven’t had Rally’s in a while. Let’s go there.” I like Rally’s fries, so I agree. When we get there, there’s only one car ahead of us. We placed our order, pulled up to the window, and paid. Then, we waited…and waited. We sat at the window for about 10 minutes before they handed us a bag of food. I start to pull away when my wife tells me to stop. I was too far away from the window now, so we had to park and walk up to the window. They gave us the wrong food.

We each ordered 2 of their spicy chicken sandwiches. I ordered a large fry and she ordered their fully loaded fries. She also ordered an apple pie (one of her pregnancy cravings as she doesn’t normally like apple pies). What was in the bag was: 2 medium fries, 2 fish sandwiches, and 3 hamburgers.

They finally gave us the right bag, after my wife waited at the window for 5 minutes for someone to wait on her. Then, they informed her that they were out of apple pies, but we could wait another 10 minutes for them to make more. My wife informed them that they could give us the money back for the pie because we were getting the hell out of there. They gave us the money back for the pie, and we went home.

When we got home, we found that they screwed up the order again. Instead of 4 chicken sandwiches, we got 3 and a hamburger. Not wanting to deal with it anymore, I said “@#$% it,” and ate the hamburger. The fries, which are normally great, were horrible. There was more salt than potato in mine. I could only eat a handful of them before I couldn’t take any more of them. Our chicken sandwiches tasted weird, so we each only ate half of one.

Overall, it was a terrible experience, and we won’t be going back to Rally’s for a long time after that crap.


2 comments on “Horrible Drive-Thru Experience

  1. twindaddy says:

    Yeah, Rally’s has gone downhill….

  2. Terrible! I know I’m not always perfect, but that’s atrocious! I wish you’d been at my window, I would have treated you better! And faster! 🙂

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