The Adventures of Captain Procrastination: Part 2

Dave sat in his office, staring at his computer screen. He had tried everything he could. Now, all he could do is wait. A figure appeared at the edge of his vision. Thinking it was his boss, he turned. To his surprise, it was the man he was waiting on, the only one he thought could help him.

“Captain Procrastination,” he exclaimed.

“Yes, good citizen,” our hero said. “I’m here for you.”

“I called you four days ago. What took you so long?”

Our hero, who at first spoke in a regal, commanding tone, switched back to his normal voice. “Give me a break, man. I flew here. Do you know how hard it is to fly?”

“No, and neither do you. You can’t fly.”

“OK, fine. I took the bus. Either way it was a pain in the ass. Now, stop wasting my time with your logic and tell me why you called me.”

“It’s my boss, Captain. He’s making me do a presentation, but he didn’t give me enough time to finish it. I’ve only got an hour left until I have to give it and I’m nowhere close to being done. I need you to find a way to get him to move the deadline back.”

Before Captain Procrastination could respond, Dave’s boss, Mr. Johnson, walked up to the desk. “What’s with the fat guy in tights, Dave,” Mr. Johnson asked. “Shouldn’t you be working on the presentation?”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson, but…”

“You, sir, are my sworn enemy,” our hero interrupted. “You are the enemy of good citizens everywhere, and I shall have to defeat you!”

Mr. Johnson, obviously afraid of Captain Procrastination, turned to Dave and asked, “Seriously, who the hell is this guy?”

Will Dave answer the question? Will Captain Procrastination be able to defeat the evil Mr. Johnson? Will I come up with questions that have no bearing on the story just to make this last a little bit longer? Tune in next time to The Adventures of Captain Procrastination to find out the answers to some of these questions!


One comment on “The Adventures of Captain Procrastination: Part 2

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