RTotD: 2/29

I just got done watching last night’s episode of The Colbert Report, and I noticed something. The Colbert Report has been on for 5 years, or so, now and you’d think in that time that people would know what to expect when they go on there. In last night’s episode, he had on an energy expert to talk about gas prices, and this guy got thrown every time Colbert made a joke or asked a joking question. Had he never seen the show before? If he wanted to talk completely seriously about gas prices, then he went on the wrong show. I’m not singling this guy out, either. This happens quite often. How? I have no idea. Anyone who has ever watched even one episode should know that Colbert is only 50% serious at most in any of his interviews.

Of course, now as I’m writing about it, I’m also thinking more about it. It’s actually quite funny seeing these idiots squirm while trying to deal with Colbert’s joke questions. If these people were prepared for him, the show wouldn’t be as fun to watch. Dammit! I’ve thrown myself into a conundrum. I’m stopping now before I get any deeper.


3 comments on “RTotD: 2/29

  1. Elyse says:

    It’s terrible when Stephen can confuse you even when you AREN’T on his show!

  2. I think the type of people he has on the show are less likely than average to watch a lot of cable TV. I also think some of the people scheduling these appearances for them know exactly what is going on. I bet they think it’s hilarious.

  3. The Hook says:

    Some people simply shouldn’t do TV interviews!

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