It’s Official

I posted before about my wife being pregnant, and after the last ultrasound we had, a week or so ago, we now know what we’re having. To be quite honest, it’s actually a little surprising to me. I wanted to announce this earlier, but we wanted to make sure our families knew before I put it out there for everyone else to see. We’re having a girl.

The reason it’s surprising to me is simple: twindaddy and our other brother have all boys. Our dad had all boys. Our dad’s sister had all boys. I was kind of expecting the same when it came to my child. In fact, at one point during the ultrasound, I could’ve sworn I saw what would make it a boy, but it was either her finger or a shadow, or something. My wife said she saw the same thing, so at least I know it wasn’t just me.

I’m just glad that I’m able to give my mother a granddaughter. While she loves all of her grandsons, she can’t really buy dresses for them without scarring them for life and I know she’s been wanting to buy little girl’s clothes for a while. My mother deserves to get everything that she wants and then some.


7 comments on “It’s Official

  1. Elyse says:

    Yahoo! Congratulations to all of you.

  2. twindaddy says:

    This girl is going to be a spoiled princess. My wife is already buying stuph for her…

    • The joke now is that with our mother living so close to me, she’s going to be spending so much time with my daughter that everyone else is going to have to make appointments to see her.

  3. The Hook says:

    A little Leia! Congrats!

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