Dead Set: Part 1

Her daughter was starting to get a mischievous grin on her face, so Samantha grabbed onto her sleeve. She knew that staying in one place is hard for a six year-old, and the long line at to the bank teller was not helping. Looking around, she noticed that Bethany was handling it a lot better than most of the adults. With the exception of a priest, all of them were complaining about the wait into their cell phones. The priest was smiling, seeming to enjoy the spectacle of it all. Pulling out her own cell phone, she was about to call the babysitter to tell her she was going to be a little late when a commotion began behind her.

The door opened and five armed men burst in. They each fired shots into the ceiling. Everyone in the lobby dropped to the floor. Samantha clutched Bethany tight, using her as a shield to hide what she was doing. Hitting a speed dial button, she put a call out to someone that she hadn’t seen, or spoken to, in a long time, while hoping someone else who had their phone out was calling the police. When the man answered, she quickly told him where she was and what was happening. Before he could respond, one of the armed men grabbed the phone from her. She could only pray that he would come. The man she called was much better in these situations than the police.


Christian put his phone down and shook his head. He couldn’t remember how long it had been since he had last spoken to Samantha. Now, she calls only to tell him that she needs his help. One part of him wanted to drop everything and rescue her. The other part told him that she should’ve seen this coming and leave her to her fate. Shaking his head again, he decided to go to her. Samantha had Bethany with her. If she was alone, he would have stayed where he was.

He left his office, stopping by his assistant’s desk. “Claire, tell General Slate that I have to postpone his meeting until tomorrow.”

“He’s already here, sir,” she replied. “Dr. Macnimay is already with him.”

“I’m sorry, Claire, but my daughter needs me right now.”


“Are you stupid,” the armed man screamed at her.

“What do you mean,” Samantha nervously responded.

Another one of the robbers, who she assumed was the leader, walked over to them. Grabbing her phone from the other man, he slapped her hard across the face. “What he means, my dear, is that when the police show up, it is no longer just a simple bank robbery. It is a hostage situation. In hostage situations, innocent people tend to get hurt. In a bank robbery, as long as everyone obeys the robbers, no one gets hurt. So, by calling the police, you have just made things worse on yourself.”

“But I didn’t call the police,” she pleaded, while rubbing her cheek. “I called my father.”

Slapping her again, he asked, “Do you really expect me to believe that?”

After spitting a little blood out of her mouth, Samantha answered, “Check the call logs. If I‘m lying, kill me. If I‘m not, let me and my daughter go.”

While keeping an eye on her, he flipped the phone open. A few seconds later, he started to laugh. “What do you know, boys? We finally found a woman who doesn’t lie.”

The two men who were still in the room began laughing with their leader. The other two had gone into the back with one of the employees. “I can’t let you go. If one of those clever, little tellers hit a silent alarm, the cops might still show up, and children make the best hostages. Unfortunately for you, yours happens to be the only child here.’

After helping Samantha and Bethany to their feet, he pulled them back behind the counter with him. “How are we doing,” he yelled at his unseen accomplices.

A single gunshot went off. The two men came back into the room. “He didn’t want to cooperate with us. Looks like we’re not getting into the vault.”

“Oh, well. These things happen. Empty the drawers quickly. We’ve been here too long already.”

They shoved all the money they could get their hands on into bags, making sure to break up any bundles so they didn’t take a dye pack with them. When they were finished, the leader picked Bethany up while another man grabbed Samantha’s arm and dragged her towards the door. “What are you doing,” she screamed. “You got your money. Let us go.”

“Sorry, sweetheart. You and the kid are insurance. We’ll let you go once we’re safely away from here.”

“You will let them go now,” a new voice said.

Samantha was relieved to see Christian standing in front of the door. The robbers seemed to be in a state of shock. They couldn’t believe an unarmed man would try to block their way. “Let them go now,” Christian warned, “or I will kill every single one of you.”


Father Michaels had spent most of the ordeal praying. He was enjoying a leisurely day until the robbers had come into the bank. All he had come here to do was deposit this week’s collection into the church’s account, instead, he was on the floor and men with guns were running around. When the men grabbed the little girl, he wanted to jump up and help her, but if he tried, they would probably shoot him. Deciding to help her anyways, he stood up, but saw that another man was standing in their way. The man threatened to kill the robbers if they didn’t let the girl and her mother go, but that wasn’t what Father Michaels was focusing on.

Maybe it was the stress of being held up at gunpoint, but the priest would swear he saw a light glowing around the man. It was probably his just his mind playing tricks on him, but it looked like the light that emanated from around Jesus in all of the old paintings. All he could do was stare at him. Is this man an angel, he asked himself.

Before he could question himself any further, he heard one of the gunmen say, “It’s just one man. Kill him!”

All five men opened fire on him. Bullets hit him in the face, stomach, and chest. A few seconds later, all of the guns clicked, having spent all of their rounds. The man still stood. He looked down at his shirt, which was now full of bullet holes, looked backed up, and smiled.

“My turn,” the man chuckled, as he started walking towards them.


3 comments on “Dead Set: Part 1

  1. Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or critiques. I’d love to know what everybody thinks about it, whether it’s good or bad.

  2. Well great. now i’ve gotta read the rest of the series! well done.

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