Losing My Story

Many years ago, I started writing a story that I hoped would one day be turned into a comic book. My then-roommate’s brother, who is a good artist, said he would do the artwork for me, but he dropped out and now I can’t remember why. I continued to write the story anyways, eventually getting up to enough for 30 issues. I could have gone on further, but I didn’t see the point as I was the only one who was reading them. Keeping them saved on my computer, I thought that I might revisit them one day in the future. After reading twindaddy’s Star Wars story, I decided to go back and read my story again. There’s a problem, however. My story is no longer on my computer.

When I originally typed them up, it was on my old computer. I thought I had transferred it onto my new one, but apparently I didn’t. That blows. I did most of the writing while on break at work, so it was all written in notebooks. I’m pretty sure I still have the notebooks somewhere, but now I have to find them. Plus, I have to type them all over again. What a bunch of suck. If I can find them, I’ll re-type them and put them up here for you to read, if you want me to. Wish me luck.


7 comments on “Losing My Story

  1. twindaddy says:

    Um, what’s the name of the story? I have some of your writing still on the old computer. I didn’t delete your data.

  2. I will go over it in the morning and make some changes, if necessary. Then, I’ll put up the first part. I’d do it now, but I’m too tired to think.

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