RTotD 2/8

I had a really weird dream last night, but I don’t really remember a lot about it. I tried all day to try to remember what exactly happened in the parts of the dream I have forgotten, but they never came back to me. It makes it kind of frustrating because maybe the parts I’ve forgotten will make the rest of the dream make more sense. I doubt it, but maybe it will. Also, if dreams are supposed to mean something, I’d like to know what the one I had last night is supposed to mean.

It’s not much, but here’s what I remember from my dream:

I was living in a small 2 bedroom apartment. I had a roommate, and my roommate was Evangeline Lilly, who is best known for playing Kate on Lost. We got along great until one night when I accidentally walked in on her in the shower. Then she kicked me out.

That’s it. That’s all I remember from it. What the hell was that about?


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