RTotD: 2/1

At work tonight, I got in a monitor that had a sticker on it that said “Terminal 69”. I know that it’s childish to laugh at the number 69 at my age, but I couldn’t help it. After I finished laughing, I thought about the phrase as a whole. If you took it as “computer terminal 69”, it’s not funny at all. If you took the other definition of terminal (leading ultimately to death; fatal), then it’s freakin’ hilarious. Death by 69ing? That’s awesome…. especially if people actually do turn into ghosts.

Let’s say you run into other ghosts after a terminal 69. You ask them how they died, and you’d get answers like, “Illness”, “Car accident”, or “I was murdered”. Then, they ask you how you died. With your two word answer, you’d be the envy of every ghost out there.


4 comments on “RTotD: 2/1

  1. beefybooyawn says:

    That’s pretty freakin funny.

  2. twindaddy says:

    St.Peter would let you in regardless of any sins you committed on account of the kick-ass way you went out.

    St. Peter: How did you you die?

    You (Bill and Ted voice): 69, dude!!

    St. Peter: Come on in!!!


  3. The Hook says:

    You’re never too old to enjoy a naughty chuckle every once in awhile!

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