Becoming Revis Edgewater

Some screen names are pretty easy to figure out, like twindaddy’s. Mine, however, always seems to confuse people. When I first started picking out screen names, I went with KaoticEdge (I really wanted to spell chaotic correctly, but someone else already had it), which was my gamertag on the original Xbox Live. In the book The Lost World, by Michael Crichton, he used the phrase “edge of chaos”, or “chaotic edge”, quite a bit, and I thought it was pretty cool, so I went with that. Of course, when I’d get into games, it never showed the “k” or the “e” capitalized, so half of the people couldn’t understand what the hell it was supposed to say. I used to get a lot of “Kao….K….fuck it. Hey, edge guy…”

When it came time to pick a Xbox Live name for the 360, I decided to go with something different. I went with a name that I had been using for years, but only when creating players in sports games, that, of course, being Revis Edgewater. Now, I use that name for pretty much anything that I don’t want to use my real name for. While the story of how I came up with that name might not be that interesting, at least by telling it, maybe it’ll clear some things up.

My younger brother and I were sitting around playing a baseball game for the Playstation about 7 years ago (well, somewhere around there, anyways). We were bored, so we decided to make up enough players to fill up an entire team. After our own names, and the names of a few of our friends/family, we were having trouble coming up with names for the rest of the players. I can’t really remember how he came up with his names, but I made up mine by combining different band names together.

After names like Offspring Metallica and Disturbed Godsmack were rejected because they didn’t sound like actual names, I finally hit on something that I liked when I combined the names of two bands that not many people have heard of, Revis and Edgewater.

I don’t know what it is about that name that I like so much, but ever since then, I’ve been Revis Edgewater.

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