Freaking Out About Nothing

Yesterday, while I was at work, someone was talking about someone who worked in a different part of the building that had gone through a sex-change operation to turn themselves from a man into a woman. Upon hearing this, Newb starts to freak out. “That’s gross. Oh God, that’s sick!”

I looked at him, like I usually do, with a confused expression on my face. “What’s the problem with it,” I asked him. “How does it affect you in any way?”

He said I wouldn’t understand. If he says so.

Other than maybe passing this person in the hall every once in a while, he’s never going to have to deal with them. Why the huge reaction? I know that they say that people fear what they don’t understand, but, while I don’t understand why somebody would want to go through that operation, I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. If that’s what somebody wants to do, then let them do it. It’s their life. Get over it, Newb. How would you like it if somebody reacted that way to the decisions you’ve made in your life?



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