Life Changing Appointment

I mentioned in my previous post that I had to go to a doctor’s appointment with my wife. The reason is because that was her very first ultrasound appointment. That’s right. She’s pregnant. I’m going to be a father for the first time.

I was tired when we first got there, but once that picture came up on the screen, I was wide awake. I was seeing my child. It’s still a little hard to believe.

Since my wife and I have been telling people, we’ve been getting the same 2 questions over and over again.

1. Do you know what you’re having?

No. It’s still too early. We probably won’t know if it’s a boy or girl for another 2 months.

2. Are you ready?

I always give the same answer to this question: “As ready as you can be before your first child.” Because, until you have a child, you don’t know the full extent of what you’ll have to do.

I’ve been babysitting my nieces and nephews for years, so I’ve had a bit of experience with children. The thing about that is, when you’re babysitting, you give the children back. It’s not a 24/7 job. So, all the experience in the world won’t fully prepare you for when that moment finally comes.

I think I’ll do a good job when my baby finally gets here (at least, I hope I will), but, luckily, if there’s something that comes up that I’m not sure about, I have a great support system. My mother lives very close to me, so I can always go to her. Plus, both of my brothers are great with their children and I can always talk to them about it. I’m sure that once this baby is born, they’ll get tired of getting calls from me.

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2 comments on “Life Changing Appointment

  1. Superbitch901 says:

    You will do great! Yes, seeing the baby is amazing! It took my breath away everytime I ultrasound… Just wait until you feel him/her kick for the first time. I can tell you as a first time parent I was scared as hell, and didnt sleep for the first few weeks. You get a little more at easr over time. Im exhausted as a new mom, but wouldnt trade it for anything. Its the best feeling in the world to see little eyes staring at you!

  2. twindaddy says:

    1. Do you know what you’re having?

    I always answered that question with: a baby. It pisses people off but its fun.

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