Up Your Game, America

While I don’t burn the rest of the people at work as much as burn Newb, after working with them more than Newb lately, I’ve noticed something. This country is in short supply of people who are good at comebacks. When I burn Newb, he either doesn’t say anything or he says something along the lines of, “There’s nothing I can say to that”. Unfortunately, the other people who work there are just as bad at comebacks.

One girl who works there, who looks like a more freckled, skinnier version of Miley Cyrus, was working while texting for an hour straight the other day. I walked by her after she finally put her phone away. I said, “Hey, you CAN work without your phone in your hand.” Granted, that was a smart-ass comment and not a burn, but I was still hoping for a response that was better than what I got. Her comeback? “Shut up.” How lame…

It’s not just the people I work with now, or the people I’ve worked with the past few jobs I’ve had, I’ve noticed this with just about anyone I’ve met lately.  What’s wrong with the people in this country? Are they not paying attention to sitcoms and comedy movies?

One of the great things about hanging out with twindaddy is that we usually get a pretty good back-and-forth going. While you’re supposed to make fun of your brothers, it’s still great because it’s so much fun. He knows how to make comebacks.

I know that these days people are all scared about hurting other people’s feelings, but I don’t care about any of that crap. You can say whatever you want to about me, and, as long as it’s funny, I won’t care.

So, get working, America. Learn how to make comebacks…..and stop sucking.

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