Top Ten Songs You’ll Never Hear On The Radio – Updated

I’m not counting the Internet radio stations, as there are thousands of those out there now. I’m talking about radio stations that you can listen to for free, in your car on your way to work. All of these songs (according to wikipedia) were never released by the band as singles, or they’re comedy songs never meant for mainstream air play.

10. Falling Inside the Black – Skillet

This song, to me, is about trying to get something, or someone, back because you feel lost without it. It’s just a great song.

9. Last Time (Reprise) – Dry Cell

This is different take on one of their original songs. While the original is very good, I like this one a lot better.

8. Bonus Track from “The Gang’s All Here” – Dropkick Murphys

This song is hilarious. Just listen to it.

7. Into the Rage – Amplifire

Ok, here it is. I’m not sure how to describe this song, so I’ll let you listen to it and decide for yourself.

6. 3 Balloons – Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch is one of my favorite comedians and this song should help tell you why. It’s just great.

5. Albuquerque – Weird Al

Al has had some great songs over the course of his career, but this is by far his best. Before you watch this, however, make sure you have 11 minutes to spare.

4. Drones – Rise Against

The lyrics of the first verse alone are worth including it on this list, but the whole song is just awesome. I could listen to this song over and over again.

3. Take Me Under – Three Days Grace

I don’t know what it is about this song, but I can’t get enough of it. Every time I hear it, it pulls me in.

2. Nothing From Something – The Offspring

From their first album (well, their first album released by a studio anyways), Nothing From Something is a song that basically just about how breaking stuff makes you feel better. And we all know breaking stuff is awesome. The more I listen to this song, the more I like it.

1. I Won’t See You Tonight, Part 1 – Avenged Sevenfold

Whoever made this video also made it a tribute to the band’s late drummer, The Rev. This is a very powerful song that keeps you hooked until the end, almost 9 minutes later. I can’t say enough good things about this song. It’s one of my favorite songs ever.


Revis "......."

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