Here We Go Again

I make fun of Newb on here a lot, but, in my defense, it’s a lot of fun and he usually deserves it. Sometimes, however, I don’t need to do anything and he ends up punking himself. This is what happened when he tried to tear down a skid:

That’s right. He fell into a box. If this is what I have to put up with for 8 hours a day, then I’m going to tell the whole world (or at least the 2-3 people who actually read this) when he does stuff like this.

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3 comments on “Here We Go Again

  1. twindaddy says:

    All I can say is….wow. I’m truly dumbfounded.

  2. All I said was, “HAHAHAHA! Where’s my phone? I gotta take a picture of this.”

  3. beefybooyawn says:

    LOL Awesome.

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