RTotD: 11/23

Occasionally, when I’m bored, I’ll put a random quote from a movie or song lyrics up as a Facebook status. On a couple of these, people have read them and thought me and my wife were having a fight. Both of the times that I can remember someone having these reactions came on Offspring lyrics.

The first one was: “Sitting on the bed, lying wide awake. There’s demons in my head and it’s more than I can take. Think I’m on a roll, but I think it’s kinda weak. Saying all I know is I gotta get away from me.” It’s from the song Gotta Get Away off the album Smash. A friend of my wife called her after reading that, asking if everything was ok with us. I laughed.

The second one was: “Things are coming down on me. They never seem to let it be. Seems like everything I say starts another fight. Pressure’s building up inside. I gotta let it out tonight. Shattered glass will cure my ills and make me feel all right.” This is from the song Nothing From Something off the album Ignition. This one I can kind of see where that might seem like¬†something’s wrong. This time she got a call from her sister saying she thought we were fighting. Once again, I laughed.

So, for future reference, if you ever want people to think that you’re arguing with your spouse/significant other, pop a random Offspring lyric into your Facebook status and you’ll get the desired effect.


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