A Perfect Target

The annoying kid next to me at work, which we’ll call Newb, got punk’d the other day. Me and another guy started texting him from a phone number he didn’t know, pretending to be a girl. We told him her name was Amy Foster and they went out a few weeks before. He starts freaking out because he doesn’t remember her. He then confides in me, and the other guy, that he doesn’t remember anything that happened two weekends ago. He unknowingly played right into our hands. We tell him to start asking her questions to prove she knows him.

Since all the questions he asked were questions we knew the answers to, he started freaking out even more. The best part of it all was everyone in the warehouse was in on it, except for him. He went around to everyone asking what he should do about it, getting a different answer from each person. Newb even called a few of his friends to see if they remembered him going out with Amy Foster, but he couldn’t get ahold of any of them. Once again, he started freaking out even more.

Eventually, he asked Amy to send him a picture of herself to see if that would jog his memory. At this point, we were going to tell him it was a joke by sending him a picture of the other guy. Then, he remembered that he had a picture of his girlfriend’s mother (who should never be allowed in front of a camera….ugggh) on his phone, so we sent that to him. Newb sees this picture of an unattractive older lady, his face goes white, and his jaw drops. Newb, instead of keeping this to himself, goes around the warehouse and shows everyone the picture. He’s getting laughed at a lot.

We felt that it had gone on long enough, so we decided to put an end to it. We called him from “Amy’s” phone and laughed at him when he answered. Newb’s face turns bright red and he declared his hatred for us. We laughed harder. It turns out, however, that if we had waited a little longer, it would have been a lot better.

About a half-hour after we told Newb that it was a joke, one of his friend’s called him back. The friend then informed him that he actually did know a girl named Amy Foster. DAMMIT! We could’ve had him going even crazier with that one! Oh well, it was still great while it lasted. Even better, the next day, the first shift supervisor and a security guard who was off that day came in and started giving him crap about Amy Foster. The look on his face was priceless.


4 comments on “A Perfect Target

  1. […] I will answer one right now, before any of you have a chance to ask. Why do I have that email address? The answer: click here. […]

  2. MissFourEyes says:

    Haha! I can’t stop laughing! Poor Newb

  3. One: I’m still pretty sure the whole Te’o thing is just a publicity stunt. I don’t know why, I just am.
    Two: Some guys have seen too many Bugs Bunny cartoons. He dressed up like a woman in just about every one of his cartoons.

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