Holding grudges

I talk about where I work on here a bit, usually complaining about something, but for the most part it’s not a bad place. My coworkers and I get along pretty well… until I unleash a wicked burn on them. Then, they start having tantrums like two-year-olds. I’ll give a few examples.

On Tuesday, OG was standing in my way as I was trying to get by on a forklift. While running him over might have solved that problem, it would’ve gotten me fired. Instead, I honked the horn at him. He was talking to a couple of people (basically, he was doing nothing), and steps out of the way. As I pass, he says, “Get out of my way, asshole.” Ok, he wants to get smart with me. I decide to play along.

After I get done with what I was doing, I walk up to CW4 and say, “If you smell vinegar and water, don’t worry. It’s just OG.” CW4, being kind of slow, looked confused. “He’s a douche,” I explained. Knowing that nobody there ever keeps their mouths shut, I knew that OG would be told what I said. He was. I got the silent treatment the rest of the day. Really? It’s ok for him to call me an asshole, but I call him a douche and that’s worthy of having, basically, a hissy-fit?

Yesterday, I was on the forklift driving past CG. She held up a paintbrush covered with glue (which we use to put shipping labels on skids. I guess it’s cheaper than getting self-adhesive labels) threatening to brush it on my face (Earlier I had jokingly made a comment about her forklift driving skills. As she was driving near me, I said to OG, “If I don’t survive, tell my wife I love her.”). Well, I had a response for her ready, but I didn’t say it for two reasons: my boss was standing about five feet away (he’s anal about people talking about non-work related topics) and if I said what I was going to say about her, it could be considered sexual harassment.

Once again, I finished what I was doing. I walked back over to her and said, “You got the wrong guy. Unlike CW4, I don’t like sticky, white stuff on my face.” She, of course, told him. He spent the rest of the day trying to burn me back, but his attempts were lame, at best. When he saw he wasn’t getting to me, he started pouting and also gave me the silent treatment for the remainder of the day.

Bunch of babies….

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