Movie Review: The Pacific

While The Pacific isn’t actually a movie, it’s a mini-series, I’m still going to review it like it’s a movie. It’s a 10 part series and I only watched the first 9 when it originally aired. I finally got a chance recently to rewatch those episodes I had already seen, plus watch the last one. It’s made by the same team that made Band of Brothers, so I was hoping for something as awesome as Band of Brothers. Unfortunately, all I got was something that was only half as good.

I know that The Pacific is based on actual events, so there’s not a lot that they can do with the story, but there were some things that they should’ve left out and replaced with something else. In one episode, the Marines are taken off the frontlines and are quartered in Australia. While there, one of the Marines gets involved with a woman. They fall in love, there’s a gratuitous sex scene (or two), and then she dumps him because she’s afraid he’ll get killed when he ships back out. That’s the whole episode. It was a pointless story that had no impact on the main plot. I was hoping that he would go back and find her in the final episode so that there would be a point to having that story in the series, but that didn’t happen.

In another episode, it covers another Marine falling in love with one of his base’s female Marine cooks. At first, she doesn’t want to be with him, but he eventually wins her over. They get married right before he ships back out. A few weeks later, he dies in the battle for Iwo Jima. That’s the whole episode. Why show us the love story if the guy is just going to die in the end? Once again, I know this is a true story, but couldn’t they have shown more of the battle instead of a love story that had no effect on the outcome of the battle? It just makes no sense.

Unlike Band of Brothers, which focuses on one company, The Pacific bounces back and forth between 3 main characters. This makes it difficult for the viewer to get to know the characters in the story. I’ve watched it twice now, and I can probably only name 4 of the Marines. After watching the first 5 episodes of Band of Brothers the first time, I could name just about every paratrooper that came on screen.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad series, but it was nowhere near as good as its predecessor.


One comment on “Movie Review: The Pacific

  1. The Hook says:

    Your observastions appear to be spot-on in comparison to the majority.

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