ASG tops his previous high for stupidity

In a recent post, I told you about a guy I work with that, on here anyways, I call ASG (Annoying Smoker Guy).The reason he’s annoying is that he’s always saying stupid crap that makes no sense. (Normally, I’d say “stupid stuph” instead of “stupid crap”, but this guy doesn’t deserve to have the word “stuph” uttered in connection with him.) Sometimes, the stupid crap he says is worthy of a laugh at his expense, which is the only reason I can tolerate him. Yesterday, however, he topped it all by doing something so dumb even the Jersey Shore people would call him an idiot.

One of my fellow employees and I were talking about something out on the floor and ASG decides to join our conversation. As usual, what he said was stupid, and the other employee and I laughed at him. The other employee then said something along the lines of, “If you think that then you must be smoking something good.” ASG reached into his pocket and pulled out a bag of weed…. on the floor…. where anyone could see him.

Then, to make it worse, when we told him to put it away, he instead tried to get the other guy to smell it to prove it was “good shit”. We both yelled at him to put it back in his pocket. He finally did. Luckily for ASG, nobody else saw what happened.

It was one of those times that, in the moment, you have to stop for a second and think to yourself, “Did that really just happen? Is this guy really that dumb?” I was waiting for Carlos Mencia to pop out from behind him and do his “DEE DEE DEE” thing, but, alas, that never happened.


2 comments on “ASG tops his previous high for stupidity

  1. twindaddy says:

    Nice. Don’t know that I’ve met anyone THAT dumb.

  2. I know. If it didn’t happen right in front of me, I wouldn’t believe someone who told me the story.

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