Gundy’s at it again

I was on ESPN’s website when I came found this story. Mike Gundy, the head coach of the Oklahoma State Cowboys football team, is being sued by a carpenter he hired to work on his house. Gundy, most famous for his “I’m a man! I’m 40!” rant after a game a few years ago, came home to find that the carpenter working on his house was wearing an Oklahoma Sooners shirt. At this point, according to the lawsuit, Gundy began shouting profanity at the carpenter and said that the man’s shirt offended his wife. The carpenter apologized and offered to turn his shirt inside-out, so that the offending logo couldn’t be seen. Instead, Gundy fired him. Now, the carpenter is suing Gundy, stating that he lost over $30,000 because of this.

I can understand not wanting to see the logo of an in-state rival in your home, but Gundy went a little over-the-top here. All he had to do was pull the man aside and say, “Look, I’m the head coach of Oklahoma State. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t wear Sooners stuff in my house.” Hell, it would have been better if he just pointed at the shirt, rolled his eyes, and said, “Dude, really?” College football coaches are under enough scrutiny without calling attention to themselves by throwing temper tantrums usually reserved for 5-year-olds.

I have a piece of advice for you, Mike Gundy: Calm down and stop being such a little bitch.


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