I hate people…

Where I work there’s two places where you can spend your breaks or lunch: the break room or some picnic tables they have set up outside for people who smoke (like me). On my first break I went out to the tables to smoke a cigarette. One of my coworkers was out there. He’s a nice enough guy, but the thing about him is he never shuts up. He’s always talking, and most of the time, it’s usually not about what everyone else is talking about. For example, me and another guy were talking about buying something at a grocery store, and he somehow turned that into people being on welfare and not getting jobs.

So, after I finished my cigarette, I went inside. I had time to smoke another one, but I didn’t want to be near that guy any longer than I had to be. As soon as I sat down in the break room, some other guy hears someone say the word “Mexico”, and he goes on a rant. When it was time for me to go back from break, he was still going on about it. I wanted to smack the shit out of him, but decided it would be better to have a job, so I went back to work.

Lunch time comes around and out to the tables I went. Once again, ASG (or Annoying Smoker Guy) is at the tables talking endlessly about stupid shit. I finished my cigarette as quickly as I could and went into the break room so I could use the microwave to heat up my lunch. ANSG (or Annoying Non Smoker Guy) isn’t in there, so I felt safe. Unfortunately, my safety only lasted for about two minutes. He waddled in and started ranting to the other people in there about Mexico again.

No matter where I go for my breaks or lunch, I end up getting ear-raped by idiots. Sometimes I envy the hearing impaired.


2 comments on “I hate people…

  1. beefybooyawn says:

    Oh, where to begin with this. First of all, you hate people, I hate people. Instantly I’m on your side.

    Next, these douchebags of flaming dog shit annoy the hell out of me too, and I’ve never met them, but I know their type. Hopefully one day they’ll die of cancer. Irony at its best would give them cancer of the mouth.

    The fact that you said you wish you were deaf… I’ve written many Editorials in my time talking about how much I hate people, but in one I said how I envied the deaf because they don’t have to hear this bullshit. I’m even more on your side now. If you ever need a spare body part, let me know, I’ll see if we’re compatible.

  2. […] a recent post, I told you about a guy I work with that, on here anyways, I call ASG (Annoying Smoker Guy).The […]

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