Panthers Offseason Moves

This has been a very busy week for all NFL GMs. I’m just going to focus on what the Panthers have done so far.

1. Resignings- I’m pretty happy with the people that they’ve kept. DeAngelo Williams, while expensive, is the most explosive back that they have and is the best receiver they have out of the backfield. After Peppers left, nobody expected defensive end Charles Johnson to have the kind of season he had, posting 11.5 sacks. I’m not sure that they should’ve given that kind of money to someone for having just one good year, but if they didn’t pay him that, somebody else would have.

Giving Jon Beason a contract extension was a must. He’s been the best player on their defense since his rookie year in 2007. Thomas Davis, if he can stay healthy (which is a big if), can have as big an impact on the defense as Beason.

2. Signings- Before the lockout, they signed Jeremy Shockey. That will be either a very good decision or a very bad one. I don’t think there will be any middle ground in that move. I hope he can go back to being at least 75% of what he was in New York. If he can, that will be great, because he spent much of his time with the Saints injured.

I don’t get them signing QB Derek Anderson. I know they wanted to bring in a QB with some experience to teach Claussen and Newton, but, with the exception of one year, Anderson hasn’t done anything except suck. If they wanted to teach them to suck, they could’ve kept Matt Moore or brought back Jake Delhomo (although, if they brought back Delhomo, I’d mutiny).

3. Cuts- The only cut I have a problem with is K John Kasay. It’s not that he’s a good kicker anymore, he’s not. He blew an easy one last year at the buzzer that cost the team a win against the Browns. It’s just a sentimental thing. He’s been their kicker since the franchise formed in 1995 and was the last remaining original Panther until a few days ago.

4. Trade- I really like the trade they made with the Bears. They gave up next year’s third round pick to get TE Greg Olsen. Olsen has been a beast for the Bears, but his numbers dropped last year and I think I know why. Tight ends don’t do very well in the Mike Martz system. If either of the young QBs can get the passing game going, I’d bet that Olsen would be the reason for it.

That’s all I have for now. I might update this if any moves happen that I feel like writing about.


One comment on “Panthers Offseason Moves

  1. twindaddy says:

    Yeah, I don’t get the Anderson signing. Why would you want someone THAT bad on your team? Even if all he’s doing is mentoring them.

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