Dragon Age 2

The first Dragon Age, Dragon Age: Origins, was another of Bioware’s instant classics, along the lines of KOTOR. Origins was grand in scope, with the future of the world hanging in the balance. It’s a game that you can play multiple times and find something new each time you play it. When I heard that they were making a sequel, I knew that I had to get it as soon as it came out.

Dragon Age 2 has done some things to improve on the first game. The fighting is smoother. The talents are upgraded. The graphics are a lot better. Plus, they let you have the dog without having him use up one of your party slots. There are a few things about the second game that aren’t as good as the first one.

The scope, which they say is grand, you never see because you spend the entire game in one city. It just doesn’t feel like what you’re doing is all that important. The story is just not as good as the first game. Plus they brought back too many people from the first game. I can forgive bringing in Isabella because she was in the first game for all of two minutes. The others, however, are unnecessary. It’s like having R2-D2 and C-3PO in the Star Wars prequels. It’s stupid and takes away from a story that’s already lacking.

It’s still a fun game to play and I plan on playing it again.


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