Sleep No More

Sleep No More is a book by Greg Iles. Greg Iles is a really good author. I’ve read most, if not all, of his books. He is someone that everyone who enjoys reading should check out.

The main character is a man named John Waters. He’s a husband and father of a little girl. He also owns an oil drilling business. His life is pretty normal until one day, at his daughter’s soccer game, a strange woman walks up to him and speaks a code word that only his dead ex-girlfriend knew. Now, he has to try to figure out how she knew their code while preparing his company for an upcoming EPA investigation.

While I like this book, it’s not his best work. It gets a little slow in places. There’s also a few very descriptive sex scenes in it that I could’ve lived without.  However, the characters are compelling and you have to keep turning pages throughout most of the book. Overall, I’d grade this book a B. If you’re going to start with Greg Iles, I’d recommend either Spandau Phoenix or Black Cross. Both of those are excellent books.

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