Couple of movie reviews

There are a couple of movies I want to talk about. They’re not new releases, they’ve been out for a few years now, but they are movies that not a whole lot of people know about (as far as I know). Both involve Vikings.

Pathfinder: Karl Urban (Eomer in the LOTR trilogy, plus the Russian secret service agent in The Bourne supremacy) plays a man named Ghost. He was the son of a Viking warlord who is abandoned by his father when he refuses to partake in mindless slaughter when they first come to America. When he’s about 10, he is taken in by an Indian tribe who raises him as one of their own. After being with the Indians for around 10-15 years, the Vikings return and destroy one of his tribe’s villages. He takes it upon himself to try to stop them from destroying the rest of the tribe.

Granted, the story is fairly basic, but I still think this is a pretty good movie. There are a few things about it that I wish they did differently, but the same could be said for most movies. For instance, in the unrated version, which is the one I have, they go out of their way to show as much blood as possible. I know that Vikings were raiders who killed a lot of people, but the amount of blood they chose to show was just ridiculous. The only other thing I can say that I wished they would’ve changed about the movie is the story. I think they could’ve changed a few pieces of it to make it a little more exciting and make it stand out more. It was a little simplistic for me. 

Overall, it is still a good movie. I would recommend people to watch it.

Outlander: Jim Caviezel (Frequency, Jesus in The Passion of the Christ) plays a man named Cainen. Cainen is a soldier in a space civilization, with Star Trek-like technology, whose ship crashes down in Viking territory in 700 A.D. The reason his ship crashes is because a creature called a Moorwen, which is like half creature from Alien and half jungle cat, kills the rest of his crew. When he lands, he finds himself in the middle of two warring Viking tribes, and tries to convince them to help him kill the Moorwen.

On the cover, it quotes someone from the Detroit News as saying that it’s “the best movie ever”. It’s not. It’s still a great movie, but it’s nowhere close to the best movie ever. I can’t really think of anything I didn’t like about this movie, except they had to try to put a love story in there. I hate Hollywood sometimes. They always feel like they have to put some kind of love story in every movie. I just wish they’d realize that sometimes love stories don’t work in movies. Hell, Pearl Harbor would’ve been a good movie if they didn’t put a damn love story in it.

Anyways, I really like this movie and I think everyone should watch it.


One comment on “Couple of movie reviews

  1. twindaddy says:

    Titanic would’ve been a good movie without the love story, too. They could’ve cut that movie and half and it would’ve been a lot more entertaining. Seems like Pearl Harbor tried to copy Titanic and made it even worse.

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