Postponing the game

They postponed the Eagles/Vikings game from Sunday night to Tuesday night because of snow. Yeah, that’s right. Snow. The last time I checked, football is still played in snow. They said that it was postponed for public safety because they were expecting 10-15 inches of snow. As if that has stopped them before. They’ve played games before in that kind of snow. They’ve played games before with -20 degree wind chills and now, all of the sudden, they’re concerned about public safety? A few weeks ago, the people in Minnesota would have had to drive through the same amount of snow to get to the game and it was no big deal. The only reason they postponed the game was because the dome collapsed. The people of Philly can’t do it, but the people of Minnesota can? All I’m trying to say is to be consistant. If you postpone this game, do it for all games in this situation.


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