Don’t mess with the Jedi Master

My wife and I were at the store yesterday morning, picking up a few groceries. We finish our shopping, walk out to the car, and load the bags into the trunk. It had been snowing, and, while the windows had been cleared off, the rest of the car hadn’t so there was still an inch or two of snow where the trunk lid met the bumper. Not really thinking about it, I shut the lid and then a spray of snow shoots out and covers the front of my jeans. My wife starts laughing. Apparently, she hasn’t learned the lesson yet. The lesson, in this case is (to quote Mark Hamill), “Don’t @#$% with the Jedi Master, son.”

While she is busy laughing, I grab a handful of snow. She sees me do this, and starts running away. That’s when she got hit in the ass with a snowball.


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