The only thing that sucks about the weekends, unless you have to work on them, is that, except for football, there’s nothing good on TV. I was bored yesterday and flipping through channels trying to find something to watch when I came across a station playing Dances With Wolves. There was nothing else on, and I hadn’t seen it in years, so I started watching. It’s a good movie, not great, and the only movie besides Bull Durham that I like Kevin Costner in. For half the movie, they’re talking in Indian and have subtitles whenever they do, but when I watched yesterday, there were a few times when they didn’t put the subtitles up when an Indian spoke. One of those times stuck out to me.

When Kevin Costner’s character first meets up with the white woman who has been living among the Indians since she was a child, she was on the Plains and had slit her wrists. He bandaged her wounds and took her back to the Indian’s village. The first person to spot him when he got into the village was a woman gathering water with her kids. As soon as she sees him, she grabs her kids and starts screaming, “Washishu!” It does not tell you what “washishu” means on the screen. While I don’t speak Indian, I know what she was saying and I will help any of you who have seen the movie and were confused by this.

Washisu means, “Holy @#$%! A honky! Run! Run!”

You’re welcome.

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