Apologizing for the Suck

It was reported on ESPN earlier this week that Jimmy Claussen, the Panther’s rookie quarterback, apologized to some of his teammates for his bad play. As a fan of the team, I’m glad somebody is apologizing for the horrible season that they’re having, but it’s coming from the wrong person. There are two people who need to be apologizing to all Panther fans: Jerry Richardson, the owner, and John Fox, the head coach. Jerry Richardson needs to apologize because, in the offseason, he let go of almost every player that had starting experience: Julius Peppers, Jake Delhomo (although I’m glad they got rid of him), Brad Hoover, and a few others. He also didn’t go after anyone in free agency. He decided to go with one of the league’s lowest payrolls to save himself some money with a possible lockout coming next year. Guess what, Mr. Billionaire? You don’t need that money and you should be ashamed of yourself for charging people money to watch the team you put together. The way that they’re playing, you should be paying us to watch them.

John Fox needs to be apologizing as well, for two reasons: for sticking with Delhomo last year for as long as he did, and for not developing the young talent that is on his team. I will admit that he was given a crap hand this season as far as players go because of Richardson, but he has done nothing to get these guys playing any better. He is in the last year of his contract and he’s acting like he doesn’t care. I guess he knows he won’t be back next year.

Since I don’t want to make this all about the Panthers, because thinking about how they’re playing this year pisses me off, here are a few other people from around the NFL that need to apologize to the fans.

Brett Favre: for crowding up the offseason with non-stop reports about whether or not you’d come back, then for the whole texting thing that we still have to hear about, and for sucking. I might not mind it so much if you were doing as good as you were last year, but your play this year could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

ESPN: for making us listen to all the Favre stories in the first place. Also, what’s with always commenting on Brady’s hair? Who gives a shit about Brady’s hair? Drop it already.

And finally, any NFL player who has ever been arrested for DUI: you make more than enough money to cover cab fare. Not only that, I’m sure the team would send someone to pick you up if you called them. You’re all 33 grams of suck and if you’re stupid enough to do this, you don’t deserve to be an NFL player.


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